Where Do the Shoes Go?!

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I remember watching an episode of “Sex and the City” when Carrie was unfortunately looking for another apartment.  I don’t think anybody,  is thrilled to look for a new place to live; be it a forceful situation or by choice.  ITS DREADFUL.  In going back to Carrie’s situation, her first priority was not ensuring she was in a safe neighborhood, but making sure she had enough room for her precious footwear. When she realized that it was slim-pickings of closet space even in the Upper East Side, slight depression set in. At this moment, I can’t pride myself by saying I own upscale designer shoes such as Manolo Blaniks, Prada, Gucci or even a fine pair of Giuseppe Zanotti’s but I can relate to the Fashionista character, and any women who just simply adores good shoes: when there is no space for them, there must be hell to pay.  I knew moving into an NYC apartment that I would have to compromise with space and be more organized with my many clothes.  However, when I saw where I was forced to put my BINS of shoes, I nearly whelped.  When relocating, I had to swallow my pride and give, sell, beg, plead and grovel to  people to take my belongings off my hands, but I wasn’t about to part with my personal items, such as my jewelry and shoes.  I was assured that there would be arrangements made for my  treasures possessions. I will be patient. I envision that one day I will have a replica of the elaborate closet that superstar diva Mariah Carey owns.  I say closet loosely because in reality her closet take up a whole floor of an apartment building!! In the meantime, I will get acclimated with the resources that are given to me.  I will soon give my shoes a proper home. 🙂


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