The City of No Illusions

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Ok, soooooooo I’ve been in in the Big Apple for almost 9 months and I’ve had the opportunity to soak what New York has to offer.  It just so happened that I have not returned to my home town of Buffalo, NY since I relocated. There are  different reasons, I haven’t went back to visit family and friends; but I think it was a sign from Heaven that I have stayed put. I needed to take my time to learn and adapt to my new surrounding;and i didn’t want any interference from home sickness to cloud my judgement.  Even so,  I am true and loyal to the Queen City. In honor of  The City of Good Neighbors, I have devised a list making Buffalo a reason to still be one of the best on the map.



I hate that food is the first, but I cannot hide the truth.  Buffalo has some of the BEST restaurants for every taste bud. Everything from Greek, to Thai, Buffalo houses the best food on Earth.  Some may say that Buffalo may have one of the highest population of obesity, and i may have to agree.  In my book, eating is a pastime. Enjoying incredible cuisines  will definitely put pounds on the hips. What I love  is when it is warm enough, you can smell the aroma from the backward BBQ’s in EVERY neighborhood. Of course, the wings are what Buffalo is known for the most.  We can argue about who has the best wings, but since this is MY blog I will put my claim in: LaNova’s, Caputi’s, and Duff’s are some of my choices.  What are some of your favorites?


2. Real Estate



I am at a point in my life where I am looking to invest in some property.  The shocking revelation was the HUGE difference in property value in homes.  Seeing the vast contrasts in real estate in both NYC and Buffalo, did I realize what I took for granted.   A modest home in a modest neighborhood in NYC can cost anywhere between $400k-$600k.  Never in my wildest dreams would I associate a 1000 sq ft home with those figures.  In Buffalo, your dollar goes a longer way.  According to the US Census Bureau, homeowners in Western New York paid 34 percent less than the national average for their homes and 17 percent less for mortgages than those around the country.  The assessments are accurate and truth be told, Buffalo has really beautiful property.  Do you love your home you live in?


Unwavering sport fans



Alright, it is no secret that Buffalo has sport teams that have proven to be disappointing….downright embarrassing.  Nevertheless, there is NO other city that has fans that  exhibits tremendous love for Buffalo. It is an unspoken fact that when there is a home hockey or football game, the city is a ghost town. Why you ask?? Because either people  are the stadium enjoying the game, at a local bar or pub, or hosting a party in their own living room. It really doesn’t matter if the team wins…it will certainly be a victory, but the real enjoyment comes from the drinking, shouting, dancing, drinking, showing off the new jersey and drinking. 🙂 Have you ever had the pleasure of going to a Buffalo Bills game?




I know Buffalo is know for the harshest  of winters; with even that being said, the city still presents each and every season change.  I have always appreciated cities that have consistent warm weather; places such as San Diego.  But Mother Nature has blessed Western New York with Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn…which is rare in some cities.  Whether its skiing at Kissing Bridge,  picking flowers in Delaware Park, enjoying a crisp night at Hamburg’s Haunted Hayride or spending a hot Saturday afternoon at Allentown Art Festival, there are activities for every liking.  What do you like best about the seasons in Western New York?

I have spent my entire life in Buffalo, NY, and I will defend my city to anyone who decides to make disses.  There are infinite reasons to stay, live and grow in that incredible town.  There is something about being born and raised in a place with that has tremendous character, tradition and acceptance. What do you love most about your hometown?


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