IMG_0133My name is Ronda……WITHOUT the ‘h’.  I live in Bronx, New york; along with my significant other and two dogs.  All three drive me crazy on a daily basis, but they inspire me, so I keep them around.  😉 I would like to say my life is an  open book, ’cause it isn’t.  It takes a while for me to emerge from my shell and be engaging.  That’s why writing  seems so much easier.  I’m not interrupted or judged by my actions, thoughts,  or opinions.  Even if I was, it would be easier for me to turn off the negativity; if I can see it published in words, rather than spoken to me directly.  Weird I know, but I never said I was conventional. I write what’s in my mind, body and soul.  Sometimes it will make sense, other times, I can leave folks perplexed.  Either way,  I enjoy what I do, because I am true to myself and want to manifest that into literature.  Thanks for “listening”.  🙂


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