Describe Me As….

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I got an idea to showcase some things in life that I love…listed in alphabetical order.

*Amethyst Earrings

*Anything involving Julia Roberts, Mariska Hargitay and Janet Evanovich

* Anything written in French and decorated with hearts

* Air Max Sneakers

*Bikram yoga


*Buddha statues

*Burt’s Bees Natural Skin Care Products

*Comedian, Eddie Murphy

*Central Park

  • Crown Moulding
  • Daydreaming during the day
  • Dimples

*Dresses by Maggie London

*Eighties boy-bands

*Essential oils


*Feng Shui

*Fred Flintstone

*green eyes

*Hookah Bars

*History Channel

* hoop earrings

* Investigation Discoveries

  • Kale


*lavender bushes

*  “The Law of Attraction”

*Mentos candies

* Messy  non-uniformity

*Music Videos

*Mud Masks

*Ninety-degree weather

* Northern California

*New York Times



  • Polyvore
  • Prayer & meditation
  • Range Rovers
  • Real Simple magazine
  • Red haired women
  • “Remember the Titans”, movie
  • shoe stores in Greenwich Village
  • St. Kitts
  • Soul melodies
  • walk-in closets
  • Wedding Receptions
  • Zen bath time
  • Zip lining
  • Zoos without cages and bars

I showed you mine…now show me yours.



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